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1st place at ABC of Flatland 2015

Finalists - ABC of Flatland 2015 by Follow Flo PicturesThis weekend I returned to Alençon, France for the ABC of Flatland contest. This was the first major contest of the year. Riders from all over Europe gathered to compete after the winter break. After qualifying in first place on Saturday, I held on to my spot on Sunday and returned home as the champion of the 3rd annual ABC of Flatland contest. An amazing start for me of this years contest season. I also managed to show of new tricks and my improved riding, after a harsh winter of training. Overall it was a great weekend hanging out and jamming with all the riders! A big shout out to the organizers who again hosted a great contest! Click here to see my winning run.

Pro result:
1st Dez Maarsen
2nd Joris Bretagnolles
3rd Sietse van Berkel
4th Thomas Noyer
5th Stephan Fabien
6th Kris Gautier
7th Sebastian Grubinger
8th Maxandre Van De Pilone
9th Fred Page
10th Kevin Meyer
11th Seon Hoon Lie
12th William Herve
13th Mike Plas


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Show at Bridging the Gap

Last weekend it was already time for the last show of the year. This year has passed by amazingly fast! I have done so many great things this year. Shows, competitions, trips, commercials etc. I’m really satisfied when I look back to 2014.

This weekend I was in Rotterdam for the Bridging the Gap event. An amazing event to promote the urban culture in Rotterdam. The event consisted of Freerunning, Freestyle Soccer, Panna Knock-Out, Dance & Dj Battle and Crossfit.

Together with my good friend Michael van der Kroft we torn up the dance floor! We did a little choreography, sync tricks and some freestyling. After the shows we got some amazing comments and reactions! There was a great vibe in general! And amazing way to finish of this year!

Photo by Wouter van der Linde

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2nd Place at Battle in the Rockies

Last week I was in Colorado Spring in the United States for Battle in the Rockies. I was really looking forward to this event after receiving my invitation that I got trough the video contest.

There was an amazing vibe at this contest! The days before the contest there where jams and best combo challenges at the main venue. The first day when I arrived I won the first “best combo challenge” after arriving from the airport!

Saturday the qualification was at the main venue. My qualification runs went great and I qualified in 1st place, which gave me a good advantage for the battles! The finals where held in a local club called The Mansion. We had a short practice and then it was time for the battles! A lot of great battle went down! I managed to battle my way to the final against Jean-William “Dub” Prevost. I was riding good and Dub was taking a lot of risks. Dub ended up taking the win with 2 of the 3 judges voting in his favor.

I’m really stoked with my 2nd place and my riding during this contest! A great way to finish this year! The whole vibe at this event was amazing! A big shout out to James McGraw who put this whole event together! I can’t wait to come back again next year!

Top 12 result:
1. Jean-William Prevost (CAN)
2. Dez Maarsen (NL)
3. Dominik Nekolny (CZ)
4. Benjamin Hudson (CL)
5. James McGraw (USA)
6. Alex Jumelin (FR)
7. Tyler Gilliard (USA)
8. Jason Plourde (CAN)
9. Thomas Noyer (FR)
10. Dane Beardsley (USA)
11. Pete Brandt (USA)
12. Joe Cicman (USA)

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7th Place BMX Flatland World Circuit Year Ranking

Last weekend Flat Ark was the final stop of the 2014 BMX Flatland World Circuit. I competed at 3 of the 5 stops and ended up taking 7th place at this years end ranking. I’m pretty happy with this result considering I didn’t go to all 5 stops. Now it’s time to train hard this winter to get a better result next year! Check out the full years end ranking on the BFWC website


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Flat Ark 2014 Report

Previous week I was back in the land of the rising sun for the Flat Ark competitions in Kobe. Flat Ark was the last stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit. Japan is definitely one of my favorite destinations! The culture is very inspiring and the food is amazing!
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Lost Tapes Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my Lost Tapes serie. Most of these clips are shot at the beginning of this year. This will be it for now. Sunday I’m leaving to Japan for BMX Flatland World Circuit Final: Flat Ark and to do some side-seeing! Enjoy the video!

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Lost Tapes Part I

Part I of my Lost Tapes series is finished. I’ve put together clips filmed over the summer of 2013. Enjoy!

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Backwheel Combo October

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Festival Classique Show Nijvel



This Saturday I was in Nijvel, Belgium to perform in the Festival Classique show with ISH. This time we were perfoming in the Shopping Centre Nivelles. Next Festival Classique show for me will be 18 October in Luik, Belgium.

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