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6th Place BMX Flatland World Circuit 2015 Ranking

After competing in three out of the five stops in the BMX Flatland World Circuit I ended up in 6th place. I was able to improve last years result (7th place) and travel to new places. A great way to finish this years contest season.


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BMX Flatland World Circuit 2015 final in Japan


Last week I was in Kobe, Japan for the 3th time for Flat Ark the final stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit. With riders from more then 20 different countries and $40.000,- for first place Flat Ark was the biggest contest of the year.

The contest was a set up as a battle royal with eventually one winner. On Saturday the qualifications went down with almost 80 pro riders. Every contester got 2.30 min to show their best riding and get one of the spots for the final on Sunday. I managed to make the cut by qualifying in 10th place.

Sunday was the day where the whole BMX community had been looking forward to. With only 12 riders left in a head to head battle tournament one rider would eventually go home with 40k. Everything was streamed live on the internet and the event almost felt like a TV show. All the riders brought their A game and I definitely felt confident on my bike. I was scheduled against BMX legend Martti Kuoppa (3x X Games Champion), who made his come back after a break of 6 years. I managed to pull the tricks I prepared for the contest, some of which I didn’t do in a big contest before. Martti brought his tricks he has been known for and managed to do a trick that had never been done in contest before. The judges definitely where impressed and voted in Martti favor. After that a lot of intense battles went down but in the end it was Martti who was able to keep the judges in his favor and went home with $40.000,-.

All round the event was an amazing experience. It was the biggest contest of my riding career and I’m super happy to show my best riding under such high pressure. This was my last contest of the year and I’m going to train hard this winter to prepare for next contest season.


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5th place Second Entery BMX Flatland World Circuit in Canada


Last week I was in Canada for my second entry of the BMX Flatland World Circuit. Real City Spin was the host for the 4th stop of the World Circuit, organized by local pro ride Jean-William “Dub” Prevost. He put together an amazing well organized event in the beautiful city of Montreal.

After qualifying in 3rd I ended up in 5th place after loosing my battle against Viki Gomez. Viki eventual won the contest which put him on his third victory of a World Circuit stop and was crowned 2015 World Champion. With my current point I’m still able to make top 5 in the year ranking. My next entry will be at Flat Ark this October in Kobe, Japan.

Finals Result:

1. Viki Gomez (ESP)
2. Yohei Uchino (JPN)
3. Matthias Dandois (FR)
4. Moto Sasaki (JPN)
5. Dez Maarsen (NL)
6. Takahiro Ikeda (JPN)
7. Pakphum Poosa-art (THAI)
8. Takuya Higa (JPN)
9. Jason Plourde (CAN)
10. Tsutomo Kitayama (JPN)
11. Percy Marshall (CAN)
12. Alberto Moya (ESP)

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3th place first entry BMX Flatland World Circuit in USA

dez flatland voodoo jam by Aaron Nardi

Last weekend I travelled to USA for my first entry of this years . BMX Flatland World Circuit
The Flatland Voodoo Jam was the host of the 3th stop of the BFWC an amazing event hosted in on of New Orleans, Louisiana. This contest has been the biggest Flatland event for the past 11 years in the United States. I was super stoked to finally make it to this infamous event that has been known for its electric vibe.

The contest was being held in one of New Orleans biggest night club, The Generation Hall, right in the city center. It was an intense day since both the qualification and final where held on the same day. In the evening doors opened for the spectators to witness the Pro finals. 12 riders made it to the finals and I qualified in 6th place. The whole venue was packed with spectators. The night club made an amazing venue for the contest since in this setting the spectators where super close to the action.

My run went super great and pushed me trough to the three man battle. Together with Matthias Dandois (2012 World Champion) and Yohei Uchino (3x World Circuit Champion) we had to determine who was going to take home the win. I gave it all I got and threw in new tricks I haven’t done in contest before. In the end it was Matthias Dandois from France who took home the win.

This event was definitely one of the best events I’ve been to and I make sure I’ll back next year! At the end of August I’ll be traveling to Montreal, Canada for the next stop of the BFWC: Real City Spin.

dez-maarsen-cross-footed-line-to-third-placedez-maarsen-warming-up-in-practice-before-finals by Aaron NardiIMG_9842

Finals Result:

1. Matthias Dandois (FR)
2. Yohei Uchino (JPN)
3. Dez Maarsen (NL)
4. Takahiro Ikeda (JPN)
5. Viki Gomez (ESP)
6. Pakphum Poosa-art (THAI)
7. Nauto Tamaru (JPN)
8. Jason Plourde (CAN)
9. Williams Perez (PER)
10. Will Redd (USA)
11. Hiroki Uchiyama (JPN)
12. Tyler Gilliard (USA)

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7th Place BMX Flatland World Circuit Year Ranking

Last weekend Flat Ark was the final stop of the 2014 BMX Flatland World Circuit. I competed at 3 of the 5 stops and ended up taking 7th place at this years end ranking. I’m pretty happy with this result considering I didn’t go to all 5 stops. Now it’s time to train hard this winter to get a better result next year! Check out the full years end ranking on the BFWC website


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Flat Ark 2014 Report

Previous week I was back in the land of the rising sun for the Flat Ark competitions in Kobe. Flat Ark was the last stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit. Japan is definitely one of my favorite destinations! The culture is very inspiring and the food is amazing!

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Flat Ark October 25 & 26

This October I’ll be going to Japan again for Flat Ark! Flat Ark will be the final stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit and is being held in the amazing city of Kobe. Last year the event was amazing so I’m very excited to go back again!


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Barcelona Extreme

Last weekend I was in Barcelona for the Extreme Barcelona competition. This was also second stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit. The contest set up was great! A big floor and of course sunny weather. There was a new contest format. It started with qualifiers followed by quarter final (12 riders), semi final (6 riders) and final battle (3 riders). I personally think this was a little bit to much considering the weather conditions (30 degrees celcius). Many riders struggled with the hot weather. My run also didn’t go as planned but still ended up taking 9th. Next contest will be BMX Cologne in Germany.


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FISE Gallery

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3th Place at FISE

I just scored 3th place at the FISE! I’m so happy with this results! The finals where really crazy. It was battle format like Circle of Balance. The circumstances where really hard, slippery floor, hot weather and no space for a warming up! I managed to pull some freestyle combo’s and a new combo I’ve never done in contest before! Thanks everyone who supported me this weekend! Congrats to all the other riders!


1. Alex Jumelin (FR)
2. Takahiro Ikeda (JPN)
3. Dez Maarsen (NL)
4. Yohei Uchino (JPN)
5. Viki Gomez (ES)
6. Alberto Moya (ES)
7. Gonzallo Bellanti (AT)
8. Moto Sasaki (JPN)
9. Kevin Jacob (FR)
10. Jean-William Prevost (CAN)
11. Sergio Ricardo (BR)
12. Yu Yamamoto

Check full result here


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