After taking place in spring last year, this year the Urban Sport Week Amsterdam was scheduled for the summer. Riders come from all over the world for the Skate, Inline, Parkour, and BMX competitions. In my discipline we had riders from Belgium, Germany and a special guest Viki Gomez (6 times world champion) from Spain. Besides riding this contest, I had 3 shows that week in the DeLaMar theatre around the corner with Elements of Freestyle. I’m embraced the pressure and I had a top week. I managed to beat the current world champion in a head to head battle and take the win on home turf. Now it’s time for a little summer break before the next contest.


1. Dez Maarsen (NED)
2. Viki Gomez (ES)
3. Gilles van der Sompel (BE)
4. Sietse van Berkel (NED)
5. Gino Stuart (NED)