It’s been a while since there was an international contest on my home turf. The last big one was the Vans Rebel Jam (2011) in Eindhoven. This time the gouvernement of Amsterdam decided to host an international urban sport event that has to became an annual happing. Spread trough out the city there where Freerunning, skateboard, breakdance, BMX and skate competitions. The BMX flatland discipline was hosted insight the Wester Uni Club, providing us with a stunning ambiance. It felt great to have my friends and family in the audience and I’m stoked to finish 2nd place behind the 2014 world champion Dominik Nekolny from the Czech Republic.


1. Dominik Nekolny (CZ)

2. Dez Maarsen (NL)

3. David Hoffman (GER)

4. Sietse van Berkel (NL)

5. Josh Briars (GB)