After hosting the BMX Flatland competition at the Friday’s Pro Freestyle event in Heerlen, it was time to hit the contest floor myself at last weekends legendary BMX Cologne event; the longest running BMX Freestyle event. The finals went of in full blast with every top rider present from all over the world. I manage to put down a flawless run and a signature banger, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for a podium spot and I had to be satisfied with the 4th spot. Next week I’m heading to Bristol, UK for the IBMXFF World Championship.


1 Viki Gomez (Spain)
2 Alex Jumelin (France)
3 Matthias Dandois (France)
4 Dez Maarsen (Netherlands)
5 Dominik Nekolny (Czech Repuplic)
6 Jean William Prevost (Canada)
7 Takahiro Ikeda (Japan)
8 Terry Adams (USA)
9 Yohei Uchino (Japan)
10 Moto Sasaki (Japan)
11 Kevin Nikulski (Germany)
12 Joris Bretagnolles (France)
13 Gilles Van de Sompel (Belgium)

BMX Cologne 2016 – Final Run

My final run BMX COLOGNE! #bmx #flatland #bmxcgn #bmxflatland #freestylenow #flatlandbmx #dutch #athlete #holland #actionsport #extremesport

Geplaatst door Dez Maarsen BMX op Dinsdag 5 juli 2016