Last week I was in Canada for my second entry of the BMX Flatland World Circuit. Real City Spin was the host for the 4th stop of the World Circuit, organized by local pro ride Jean-William “Dub” Prevost. Dub put together an amazing event with the support of local companies in the beautiful city of Montreal.

After qualifying in 3rd I ended up in 5th place after loosing my battle against Viki Gomez. Viki eventual won the contest which put him on his third victory of a World Circuit stop and was crowned 2015 World Champion. With my current point I’m still able to make top 5 in the year ranking. My next entry will be at Flat Ark this October in Kobe, Japan.

Final Result:

1. Viki Gomez (ESP)
2. Yohei Uchino (JPN)
3. Matthias Dandois (FR)
4. Moto Sasaki (JPN)
5. Dez Maarsen (NL)
6. Takahiro Ikeda (JPN)
7. Pakphum Poosa-art (THAI)
8. Takuya Higa (JPN)
9. Jason Plourde (CAN)
10. Tsutomo Kitayama (JPN)
11. Percy Marshall (CAN)
12. Alberto Moya (ESP)