This weekend I returned to Alençon, France for the ABC of Flatland contest. This was the first major contest of the year. Riders from all over Europe gathered to compete after the winter break. After qualifying in first place on Saturday, I held on to my spot on Sunday and returned home as the champion of the 3rd annual ABC of Flatland contest. An amazing start for me of this years contest season. I also managed to show of new tricks and my improved riding, after a harsh winter of training. Overall it was a great weekend hanging out and jamming with all the riders! A big shout out to the organizers who again hosted a great contest! Click here to see my winning run.

Pro result:
1st Dez Maarsen
2nd Joris Bretagnolles
3rd Sietse van Berkel
4th Thomas Noyer
5th Stephan Fabien
6th Kris Gautier
7th Sebastian Grubinger
8th Maxandre Van De Pilone
9th Fred Page
10th Kevin Meyer
11th Seon Hoon Lie
12th William Herve
13th Mike Plas