After seeing BMX showcased in various music clips and TV shows, Dez became obsessed with BMX Freestyle. Luckily, at a young age he stumbled upon the art of Flatland – the art of doing tricks on the BMX without using obstacles. Seeing the world’s best BMX-riders in his hometown of Amsterdam had him fallen in love with the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it.

He soon made it to the Dutch top by winning various national competitions. Fast forward a decade and a half later, Dez has claimed his spot in the world top of the BMX Flatland sport and is the number one rider in the Netherlands. Among his athletic achievements are victories at several international competitions and earning a spot on the podium at World Cups in France, Germany and the USA.

Dez sees himself as an ambassador for the sport. He wants to promote the sport amongst the youth to get them active in a fun way. To let them experience the same joy he gets when riding BMX.

Off the bike, Dez graduated from the University of INHolland and holds a BA in Media & Entertainment Management. The study focusses on the in’s and outs of the entertainment industry and gives graduates extensive insights and understandings from a clients perspective.