A unique dynamic between the technical Trial bike skills and smooth BMX freestyle tricks, perfromed by world class bicycle stunters.



What can you expect?

  • ± 30 minutes of stunning action.
  • ± 45 minutes of interactive clinic
  • Max of 4 shows a day
  • Meet and greet after the show

What do we bring?

  • A car and obstacles for the trial show.
  • A PA system with microphone and headset.
  • 3 extra BMX bikes and 3 extra trial bikes.
  • Autograph cards for the spectators.
  • Amazing bike skills to entertain your audience.

What do we need?

  • Minimal space of 8 x 8 meter.
  • A solid surface.
  • Power supply for the PA system.
  • Spectators to impress

Dez Maarsen and Rick Koekoek will deliver an stunning show at your event with their unique bicycle skills! Both riders are top athlete in their spot and are competing all over the world at the highest level. Rick is ranked number 2 in the Trial World Cup and Dez scored a 3th place at the BMX World Championship. In this shows the riders will start of with demonstrating basic skills and tricks of their sport and will finished it with some amazing signature tricks of their own. Every show can be unique since Rick is able the use the surrounding area to make the show even extra special!

This show is perfect for at a festival or similar event since the riders can do several shows spread over the day. The show involves a lot of interaction and spectators are welcome to learn some tricks of their own on the extra Trial and BMX bikes.

Get in contact to book this show at your event.